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Things to Consider When Hiring Direct

Sometimes when potential clients are considering using OTD they compare us to the option of using a worker from services like ODesk, eLance or the like.  While OTD is very different, here are some things to consider when hiring overseas workers directly.

1. Environment - most home based workers in places like the Philippines or India work from their homes.  Homes are different in developing countries; most are generational households meaning 3 or 4 generations of the family live together in an apartment that is usually 2 rooms and less than 500 sq ft. Usually everyone sleeps in one room on the floor or on single mats.  There is no separate "office" or "study" so the contractor usually sets up their computer in the main room and works during the night, daytime in North America. 

2. Power / Internet
- Residential power and internet is not as stable as commercial grade.  Blackouts / Brownouts are common place in these types of situations, which often results in the contractor having to wait for it to come back or go to an internet cafe.  Not conducive of a good work environment. 

3. Gear - Usually the contractor is not working from the best computer equipment.  They usually operate with what they have and make due as best they can.  In many cases the gear is partly responsible for their effectiveness when working on projects. 

4. Theft - Theft is a problem for many contractors working from home.  As they get better at what they are doing, start to make some money they upgrade their gear.  But the working environment that they are in is subjected to theft, especially if they are using newer or expensive gear. 

5. Multiple Concurrent Clients - Contractors will often service multiple clients.  Within OTD, each team member is placed with a single client to ensure their maximum effectiveness. 

Contractors working from home is not the best solution for them, as well as for your business. 

OTD team members are using the best gear available, in air conditioned offices, with multiple internet connections and power supplies.  We have systems in place to help your manage your OTD team member, deligate tasks and track their output.  We work hard to ensure that we have the right fit when pairing a client with an OTD team member, plus all OTD team members have been through our extensive 4 week basic training program.  We only pair clients with team members that we would be willing to employ ourselves! 

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