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Real Estate Agent Virtual Assistant (VA)

Are you a real estate agent that is in need of an assistant?
Ever considered a Virtual Assistant?

OutsourcingThingsDone.com (OTD) has extensive experience in the real estate space.  Not only does OTD have many real estate agents as clients, but OTD also powers its sister company Ubertor.com's customer service and support.

OTD virtual assistants are recruited and tested before moving into OTD's 4 week basic training.  From there, OTD's Virtual Assistant Specialists move into a very focused 2 week training program designed to ensure they have the proper skills to be a virtual assistant for any real estate agent in North America. 

Potential Tasks for a Realtor's Virtual Assistant

Do you have a list of tasks that you need completed? Looking for more ideas?  Here is a quick video of OTD co-founder Stephen Jagger talking about some ideas for your real estate specific virtual assistant:

Real Estate Agent VA 2 Week Training Includes:

- Working knowledge of TopProducer 8i
- Working knowledge of Twitter.com
- Working knowledge of Facebook.com
- Working knowledge of Ubertor.com
- Working knowledge of real estate terms and terminology
- Working knowledge of Zillow.com
- Working knowledge of Trulia.com
- Working knowledge of Craigslist.org

Real Estate Agent Virtual Assistant Costs:

We do monthly intake sessions for this specialized position and place these virtual assistants with their real estate agent clients after the completion of the 4 week basic training as well as the 2 week specialized real estate virtual assistant training (6 Week Training). 

This monthly fee covers your 160 hour a month dedicated virtual assistant that is specialized in the art of real estate associated tasks. 

*Your monthly fee not only covers your virtual assistants wage, but their Internet access, electricity, desk, chair, computer, OS, IT administration, etc.

Contact us using the form below to speak with a North American outsourcing specialist to see if there is a fit within your business and to learn more about the costs.  

Your Real Estate Agent Virtual Assistant Includes:

- Full Time Level 1 Team Member (160 Hours)
- Level 1 Comprehensive English (Fluent Read/Write, Auditory Comprehension Great, Oral Conversation Good)
- Level 1 Comprehensive Internet Skills
- Level 1 Comprehensive Computer Skills
- 24/7 Unlimited Broadband Internet (Speed: Up to 384kbps)
- Computer (8.9" Screen, 1.6GHZ Processor, 1GB Ram, 8GB SSHD)
- Dual Monitors
- Full Size Keyboard and Mouse
- Windows 7 Home Edition Premium
- Skype
- Level 1 Package includes 10GB of Storage

Do You Want More Information?

Would you like to have an OTD Real Estate Agent Virtual Assistant work within your real estate business?

Just fill in the form below to learn more. After you fill in this form, we will contact you to chat further about your business, your needs and see if an OTD Real Estate Agent Virtual Assistant is the right fit.

There is no obligation when filling in the form below.  We will just contact you to discuss your needs to see if there is a fit as well as talk about the next available start date. 

Cliff Stevenson Video Testimonial for OTD

Rob Reynar, Realtor - Testimonial

Tara Camp, Realtor - Testimonial

"Ruth, my VA is rocking it.  She's very good at making suggestions and figuring things out that I myself don't have time to research to do...like stat charts, etc.  I'm getting so much done it's incredible.  My business is ramping up and should sky rocket due to all that Ruth is providing for me in the way of blogs, research, etc."

Tara Camp
Bellingham, WA Realtor
Keller Williams Western Realty

VAs Working For REALTORS


What Can I Outsource to my VA?

- video transcription
- CMA research
- website management
- blogging
- contract management
- client services
- data entry
- database management
- email management
- online marketing
- Facebook management
- Craigslist management
- Kijiji.ca management
- Zillow.com management
- Trulia.com management
- marketing
- report creation
- online reputation management
- audo transcription
- directory submission
- listing management
- plus so much more...