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How It Works

Staff leasing is unique in that you are leasing one specific individual for an allotment of time; not buying a service for "x" number of hours. Like all things there are advantages and disadvantages to this:

- Major Advantage; your leased staff member gets to know and understand your procedures, expectations and goals really well; as well as your traditional long term, loyal employee. They become an integral part of your organization.

- Advantage; you're the boss. You choose what, how, when. You delegate and manage your leased staff member in the manner you think is most productive. OTD can step in as an intermediary when requested.

- Advantage; we train and facilitate a proven communication method and channel for you and your team member. We initiate a wiki to document your procedures and act as dynamic online knowledge repository.

- Disadvantage; your leased staff member is one person. Their efficiency diminishes over the course of the day and perks up after breaks and meals.

Your employment relationship with your leased staff member that are different from expectations you may have when hiring a company to fulfill a service for a set amount of hours.

With this in mind you should expect between 130-140 hours of high productivity from that sum of 160 hours.

Here is why:

- Your leased staff member is entitled to two paid 15 minute breaks during the work day.

- Your leased staff member does take a 1 hour unpaid lunch break after 4 hours. This is to ensure they get some rest and nourishment to maintain cohesion for the second part of the day.

- Your leased staff member spends 15 minutes planning the day and 15 minutes summarizing the day; each day they works. This helps communicate the tone and expectation of the tasks and also allows them to liaise with you or other members of the OTD Team.

- Some of each day is also lost to washroom breaks, starting up up the computer, Internet slow downs, programs crashing, rebooting, et al.