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You are the Team Manager. You are expected to supervise and work with your remote team to achieve your established goals.

OTD can assist with any issues you may encounter but will not manage you team in an active manner.

We will ensure your team members work their scheduled hours, have a conducive office environment, computers gear is in peak function condition and are alert.

Since we are not familiar with the intricacies of your assigned tasks we cannot manage productivity.

If you find yourself lacking the necessary resources to manage your leased team; you may want to consider our Concierge Manager Option.

We ensure leased team members work the stated hours per their agreement with the client:

- A shift supervisor notes tardiness; beginning of shift, return from breaks and early departures.

- We audit their Screen and Seat Cams. (See below; you have access to these as well. All activity is logged for the full duration of their work day and is available on a rotating 30 day basis. We can provide you with daily pictorial reviews.

- We audit their Slim Timer to ensure major activities are being bucketed correctly.

- By default we do not manage the activities, ROI or quality of work product from the tasks you assign to your team. We do give you access and share our best practices and tools. We do have an additional feature; called Concierge Manager; if you wanted a supervisor here to "manage" your outsourced team member.

- We ensure all the software and hardware are functioning and maintained. Basically everything your team members needs to work is available and 100% operational.

We understand that trust is earned and having these systems in place are one measure of us demonstrating that we ensure your remote team members are effected and of value to your organization. Your ROI is our job.

Office Cameras:

Office Cams

Screen and Seat Cameras:

CPU Screens