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Please fill in the form below if you require your Virtual Assistant to operate software that is not provided by Outsourcing Things Done.

As a reminder, All pricing and details can be found here: http://www.outsourcingthingsdone.com/PlansandPricing.ubr

- Open Source Software Install: Client Specified has a $75.00 One Time Fee (This includes all free software that can be downloaded online).

- Software under $50 MSRP has a $99.00 One Time Fee.

- We charge approximately $1/month maintenance fee per $13.98 of MSRP for external programs requested by clients.

IE. $500 Software would work out to: $500 / $13.98 = $35.77/month

The maintenance fee includes full installation of the requested software onto your Virtual Assistant's rig. Full maintenance of the software, to ensure all updates are made and the software is running at optimum performance.

Outsourcing Things Done will require 2-3 business days to research your required software.

There will be a longer wait time if you can not provide all the information below.

*If your eVA needs to install fonts to their computer at no extra cost, they can easily do so but please have them alert HR@outsourcingthingsdone.com for permission.