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Live Chat Customer Service Virtual Assistant

Does your company support your product or service using online live chat?

OutsourcingThingsDone.com (OTD) has extensive experience in the online live chat support and sales space.  OTD was actually born out of the need of its sister company Ubertor.com.  Ubertor decided to begin offshoring it's live chat sales and support to The Philippines and very quickly decided to setup OTD as a leased labour business so that it could help other companies with similar needs to Ubertor.com. 

OTD virtual assistants are recruited and tested before moving into OTD's 4 week basic training.  From there, OTD's Live Chat Customer Service Virtual Assistant move into a very focused 2 week training program designed to ensure they have the proper skills to be a live chat sales and support agent within companies across North America. 

Live Chat Customer Service VA Training Includes:

- Working knowledge of WebsiteAlive.com live chat software
- Practical experience supporting Ubertor clients through live chat
- Practical experience managing and updating a knowledgebase
- Practical experience managing and updating a wiki

Live Chat Customer Service VA Costs:

We do monthly intake sessions for this specialized position and place these virtual assistants with their clients after the completion of the 4 week basic training as well as the 2 week specialized real estate virtual assistant training (6 Week Training). 

$1500.00 USD plus applicable taxes - One Time Setup/Training Fee
$1500.00 USD plus applicable taxes - Monthly Fee

That is just over $5.00USD/hour* for a university or college educated, English speaking team member!

This monthly fee covers your 160 hour a month dedicated virtual assistant that is specialized in the art of real estate associated tasks. 

*Your monthly fee not only covers your virtual assistants wage, but their Internet access, electricity, desk, chair, computer, OS, IT administration, etc.

Your Live Chat Customer Service VA Includes:

- Full Time Level 1 Team Member (160 Hours)
- Level 1 Comprehensive English (Fluent Read/Write, Auditory Comprehension Great, Oral Conversation Good)
- Level 1 Comprehensive Internet Skills
- Level 1 Comprehensive Computer Skills
- 24/7 Unlimited Broadband Internet (Speed: Up to 384kbps)
- Computer (8.9" Screen, 1.6GHZ Processor, 1GB Ram, 8GB SSHD)
- Dual Monitors
- Full Size Keyboard and Mouse
- Windows 7 Home Edition Premium
- Skype
- Level 1 Package includes 10GB of Storage

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