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When businesses think of outsourcing many questions come to mind.  Below, we have compiled real questions from real people who have emailed in their questions, comments and concerns.  Feel free to browse them as your questions might be answered below.  Sometimes the answer to the question is not necessarily what you are looking for.  We push to help you make your business work better with technology that is available through the internet.  Feel free to email us any of your questions as we are here to help. 

Question: What does the setup fee cover?

The OTD difference is that we build teams that are of value to our clients. Our competitors simply place heads.  We take the time to understand all parties needs to ensure there is a correct fit and maximize the probability of long term success by training the client and leased team member with our proprietary systems and methodologies. 

A big part of that happens with video.  The client records a video message to potential team members / applicants, the chosen team member records a video message introducing themselves.

Question: I want my leased team member to use Microsoft Office Suite and need them on Acrobat Pro, and Photoshop

a) Microsoft Office - We can install any licensed suite you want or rent you an off the shelf package. There is also Open Office and Google Apps (new features everyday) which are free.

b) PDF - Apple has PDF creation/viewing capability built as a standard feature. If you let us know what features of Acrobat Pro you need; we can let your know if your leased team member will need to have it installed.

c) Photoshop - You need to provide or we can rent. If you let us know what features you use; we may be able to suggest alternatives.

Question: I would like to set up a VPN so that at other team members can also access, read-write files on our server.

A move into Cloud Applications or a Cloud Suite might be a good option for you. Cloud computing is all about teams, collaboration and everything else you haven't considered yet.  Feel free to contact us for me information about the options available. 

Question: I have some pretty complex excel sheets that might not work in Google Spreadsheets, what do you suggest?

I know that you have some pretty complex excel sheets; that do not work well in Google Spreadsheets. We can cross Google Spreadsheets off the list. We can still explore Open Office and Apple Numbers for compatibility before committing to Microsoft Office.

We could also maybe explore moving your task delegation into a full featured Task System?

Question: I understand OTD prefers Google's Gmail, but I like Outlook.  Do I have to switch away from Outlook?

I would suggest you offload Mail to Google. You can setup an IMAP account and keep everything the same. No need to leave Outlook. You would even benefit from this move because Google offers Enterprise grade E-Mail.

Question: Currently we are hosting all our files on an office server. Can my leased OTD worker access that?

First, some questions: What is the upload speed of your internet connect? What is it's download speed.
Have you considered depositing all files that need to be shared in a cloud app for ease of access, back-up and version control?
This might be something worth looking at to ensure easy access, quicker upload/download times and shared access.