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SEO - The Good and the Dark Side

With businesses continuously gunning for the top spot on Google, it's no surprise that entrepreneurs are willing to do what it takes to claim the highly coveted #1 Google rank for their websites - hence the rise in the popularity of SEO.

Today's tough competition in the world of business and real estate practically requires people to start optimizing their sites for better visibility. If this was once a luxury - in today's world it's a necessity.

The formula is simple.
Lower Google Ranks = Lower Site Traffic

It's no contest that search engine optimization is a must. It is beneficial in numerous ways - the main reason being, "It increases site traffic and site visibility"

People blather continuoulsy about why SEO is important but the question is - what's the downside?

Joe Heath highlights some points in his article "Disadvantages to Real Estate SEO" and includes his rebuttals for each claim.   

1.SEO calls for Constant, Long Term Upkeep

"Yes, this is absolutely true; but in order to have success in anything we do, we must work hard to not only achieve that success, but to sustain it-SEO is no different."

2 .SEO Takes Lots of Time

"Also true; but if you invest in SEO and web marketing, all that time and effort will pay off, as you’ll eventually start to see increased traffic and more sales leads"

3. Search Algorithms Change and we can't control it

Sure, Google and other major search engine change the way they rank websites and we often don’t know how or when it happens. But if you don’t embrace change and work your way through it, you won’t last long in any business, let alone real estate.

Despite all this, SEO still remains to be a crucial and factor in online marketing and cannot be ignored.

As most people would say "No Pain, No Gain". 
In this case - there doesn't have to be any pains, just gains

SEO may take time, it may need constant maintenance, and  sure, the algorithms will always change - but there is once thing that's constant.. the need to be on top. With the right kind of professional help, you won't need to worry about these painstaking details.

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