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Get your listings noticed

You may have the gift of gab, the best personality a realtor could ever have, or even the best website on the net but what do potential clients really take note of at first?

Your listings.  

When potential buyers go online, they automatically search for listings and chances are, that's how they will find YOU. It's important to consider improving one's website, or the way you deal with people which is why some realtors fail to recognize the importance of devoting time and effort into working on better listings. 

Surprisingly listings with funny photos, and bad writing still lurk online despite this. Buying adults are like children in a candy store. Their eyes rivet to the juciest item in the store. Have that juicy item readily served.

Let your listings do the talking - while you do the closing.

There are numerous ways on how you can get your listings noticed and these involve the following.

1.Creating well written ad copies - aside from luring your clients with expectionally descriptive write ups, this would greatly help your listings' search engine visibility and your SEO standing.  Keyword research and keyword inseertion are among the techniques to help you pump up your visibility

2.Use High Definition photos - would you seriously consider browsing through a listing with pixelated photos? They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and with bad photos - they just might equate to none.

3. Ad posting on different platforms - Craiglist, Trulia and Zillow are among the most popular ad platforms, but they're not the only ones. Explore and see how other ad platforms may help boost your visibiliy

4. Social Media Utilization - Probably everyone you know has at least heard of Facebook or Twitter, and half of them are actually on those platforms. Get a wider reach by integrating your listings with your social media accounts

5. Video Listings - With Youtube's rising popularity, it would be waste not to use this platform to advertise your listings. Realistically speaking, majority of the population would rather watch a 2 minute clip, instead of reading a 2 page composition. Why not give them a video tour of the house? 

6. Go Mobile - There are are a number of emerging mobile apps made spcifically for realtors, and with boom of smartphones, why not make your listings available on mobile? Make it easy for clients to find you.

There are numerous ways on how you can boost your listing visibility and the important thing is that you realize the need to do so, and that you devote time and effort to make things happen. 

Ready to dive into the nitty gritty details of listing enhancement? Check out this post "Beyond Real Estate Writing" to gain more tips on how to further increase and improve your listing searchability. 


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