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Virtual Assistants and Real Estate Professionals Couples Therapy

In OutsourcingThingsDone's years of experience working with the Northern American Real Estate Industry, our virtual assistants (VA) have come across almost every kind of realtor or mortgage professional you can imagine. This special kind of mutual relationship between real estate professional and assistant won't always be successful. Some will quickly fizzle but if you're lucky enough, you can find that perfect match that's meant to last.

Even before entering this relationship you must already come to accept that the relationship is a long distance one. And like all long distance relationships, it can be hard and it relies heavily on both parties keeping constant quality communication in order to flourish.


Here are 4 common frustrations and solutions for both sides of the relationship

1. Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant is receiving Vague and Unspecific tasks

  • How to tell? If you're VA isn't complaining already you'll be getting plenty of signs. More often than not it starts with back and forth email asking for “more information or “specifics” on the task. Both parties get frustrated and the worst part is that the task hasn't even been started on.

  • What to do! Make it a habit before creating a task to have a clear and detailed instruction of what you want. If you can provide an example then that would be even better. Make sure to take not what works and keep it a systemized habit for the future.

2. You are experiencing difficulties training your Virtual Assistant

  • You want your VA to create banners, photos, perform SEO on your website, handle your social media accounts, and much more. This is obviously too much for one person to handle.

  • What to do!

    • Be patient. Set challenging yet achievable goals within a set time span. Almost anything can be learned through the internet if you have the desire to. Reward your virtual assistant every now and then. A pat on the back virtual or real means a lot no matter who you are.

    • Another solution is to shift to specialized team based virtual assistance such as UberConcierge. This unique type of service provides real estate professionals instant all in one support. Professionals avail a team of virtual assistants to work on tasks for a specific number of hours purchased. The beauty of it, is that you purchase hours and not the assistant so it won't matter how many people work on your task.

3. There's too much files everywhere

  • How to tell? You are losing files drowning in the ton of email junk between you and your assistant.

  • What to do! Go on the cloud! Especially with Google Drive newly launched along with it's free 5GB storage, keep things organized and avoid the hassle of having to download and upload files. Be more productive by storing files on the cloud and make sure your assistant has instant access.

4. You have Trust Issues

  • How to tell? You have difficulty in assigning important tasks. You have an irrational fear one way or another your virtual assistant will mess up you and you'd rather not risk it.

  • What to do? This obviously is a trust issue which has to be immediately worked out if you want to fully maximize your assistant. The main purpose of availing a VA is so that you as a real estate professional can focus on closing those deals while your virtual assistant handles everything in the peripherals. If you're naturally a wary person, make your assistant earn your trust. Start of by delegating trusts of minimal importance then gradually increase this. Your end goal should be able to completely trust your assistant as you trust your wife or husband to pick up your kids from soccer practice.

In the end, developing your relationship with your VA as you would if you were in a long distance relationship is key in creating a system that works for both virtual assistant and real estate professional. Ensure trust and communication and no matter how far the distance the relationship will be built to last.

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