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Team Based Virtual Assistance - Why this works for UberConcierge

It's no secret that working as part of a team greatly improves productivity. In terms of employability, most employers count "ability to work with a team" as an essential requirement for job seekers.  The logic behind productivity is quite simple, and there are numerous reasons as to why working as a team allows individuals to maximize their time, increase their speed and improve the quality of their output.

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 1. Collaboration and Efficiency - Working with a team allows each member to collaborate with different experts and specialists. This allows them to put together thoughts and ideas regarding improvement and to learn from one another.

 2.  Continuous Improvement -  Because of the constant exposure to different ideas for improvement, each member is driven to strive harder and to further hone one's skill as to be able to contribute more to the team.

 3. Inspiration, Dedication and Passion -  The constant learning, growing, and honing of personal and professional skills often foster a more inspiring and passionate environment within the team.

Overall there is an increase in productivity.
Because of these premises, OutsourcingThingsDone has come up with the solution to all productivity and attendance problems that come with hiring single virtual assistants.

Instead of the typical 1-1 virtual assistant and client relationship - we give our clients something even better, the opportunity to work with an entire team of specialists. We give them UberConcierge.

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Why this works:

1. Instead of spending time training your VA, we can assign your specialized tasks to our experts

2. Attendance won't be an issue - our real estate assistant team will always have someone to work on your tasks

3. No need to pay for expensive monthly fees - simply pay for the deliverables and get more bang for your buck

4. We've got experts in different fields, from Web Design and Branding, to Online Marketing and SEO.

With this in mind, UberConcierge aims to provide clients the high quality output they deserve - minus the attendance issues, high monthly rates, and work speed issues. The new UberConcierge packages are meant to provide realtors the solution to all their specialized web needs, for less. Learn more about our plans and packages.

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