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Social Media Trends - Coping with the changes

Social Media Marketing trends change almost as quickly as the changing seasons. Recently, dreamgrow released it's article "21 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2012" which discusses, yet again, the new trends for social media this year. With so many things to consider, learn from and monitor, some people may find it almost impossible to catch up with the changing demands of social media marketing.

This could be a problem, considering the fact that social media marketing is the "new big thing". According to the article:

"Social media marketing disappears"
Not really.

Social Media, in fact, becomes an integral part of marketing. It is no longer simply "Social Media Marketing" - it becomes a signifant part of marketing as a whole.

Priit Kallas states that:

"Social media is going to be integral part of everything we do when promoting our business. This will make social media an integral part of marketing and it will not be a separate activity. Much like SEO or email marketing, social media will be just one tool in the box." 

With this in mind, how do you deal with the changes? Start brushing up on your social media knowledge. There are numerous free information online, and keeping oneself constantly updated can do wonders for your social media makreting strategies. if you've got no time to catch up with the latest trends - get help from a social media expert.


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