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Proxy Service now offered at $37.00/month

Up to this point, if your eVA needed to use a proxy server, they would use the one set up internally at OTD.

It has come to the point where a handful of accounts are now using our proxy which is disrupting our internal use, which is bringing up road blocks in our work flow. 

Moving forward, OTD will no longer provide the proxy option for your eVA, but don't worry there are 3 option you can take moving forward.

Moving forward there are 3 different options that you can take:

  1. You can set up your own proxy within your own office. 
  2. You can use a hosted dedicated server. OTD can setup a dedicated server for an account to use as a proxy server for $37/month.
  3. You can use a third party service that is restricted to one user. There are many online services whom provide proxy services for a variety of reason. A quick Google search will reveal the multiple options.

Thank you.

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