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New Recruits in Basic Training

We have a few new recruits in our basic training that will be ready for placement in the coming weeks.  Our training manager put together some information about them.  Interested in a virtual assistant? We might have a fit for you?


  • Worked as an outbound sales agent  for an insurance company.
  • Worked as an inbound customer service agent for a telecom company.
  • A working mom with 2 daughters
  • Was a theater thespian in college.


  • Worked as an outbound collections agent for a telecom company.
  • Worked as a chat support representative.
  • Worked as an email support representative.
  • Has basic knowledge in installing computer hardware / peripherals.
  • Was a Vice-President of their student council in college.


  • Took up Interior Design in college.
  • Knows how to use Adobe Photoshop.
  • Creative; likes drawings, entered poster making contests, designer of bulletin board in her school days.


  • Wrote news articles in school paper.
  • Photography
  • In her OJT, she did encoding, emails and used a computer.
  • Athletic, played in college soccer team.


  • Events Organizing back in her school days.
  • Creative writing.
  • Athletic, played in college soccer team.
  • Likes cooking.

Feel free to contact us and we can chat about how we partner up your needs with a recruit that fits.

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